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car tune ups should be regular

Scheduled Maintenance for your Car

All cars need maintenance regularly. The older your vehicle gets, the more frequent the maintenance needs to be. Even though service costs increase due to additional visits, cars with more than 90,000 KMs can benefit in terms of longevity and negating unsuspecting and often massive

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repairing late model disc brakes

Disc and Drum Brake Repairs Scarborough

To drive a car, you need good brakes. It is simply a matter of life and death to make sure your brakes are maintained regularly and checked frequently. Also, because of the power required in stopping the weight of a vehicle, the parts of a

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muffler and exhaust repair

Automotive Exhaust Systems and Maintenance

Your car’s exhaust system is truly a workhorse when it comes to keeping your vehicle performing optimally and quietly. It does four critical things that help your car starting with keeping your vehicle from sounding like an explosion with every piston stroke. Besides that, you

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Auto Electrical Repairs

From your car battery, to lighting, to fuses to fuel injection to your seat warmers – these are all based on your car’s electrical system. The way vehicles are designed today essentially requires that all of its components are in some way relying on the

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transmission repair

Automotive Transmission Repair in Scarborough

Transmissions and transaxles are a vital part of the mechanics of your vehicle in that they transfer power or torque from your engine to its wheels. Without a transmission, your engine will be spinning pumping out energy that cannot be used. A term transmission is

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A car is getting air conditioning repaired

Vehicle Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning in vehicles has become standard equipment over the past few years, but it also is one of the most demanding features in terms of energy needed from the car itself. For this and other reasons, your air conditioning and all of its parts

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