2010 honda idling issues

In the shop this week was a 2019 Honda Civic Sport with standard transmission and about 95,000kms. The owner complained of a

2014 dodge caravan window regulator not working

This minivan was brought in because the power window passenger side was not working anymore. Apparently the window had recently been replaced

Ford Escape

Today we had a 2012 Ford Escape in the shop for an air conditioning issue, basically is was not working. This was

2010 Honda Accord Vrakes

This Honda Accord has been in the shop before to get some axle and brake work. Now with more than 525,000km it

car tune ups should be regular

All cars need maintenance regularly. The older your vehicle gets, the more frequent the maintenance needs to be. Even though service costs

repairing late model disc brakes

To drive a car, you need good brakes. It is simply a matter of life and death to make sure your brakes

muffler and exhaust repair

Your car’s exhaust system is truly a workhorse when it comes to keeping your vehicle performing optimally and quietly. It does four

From your car battery, to lighting, to fuses to fuel injection to your seat warmers – these are all based on your

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