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If you are asking this question, chances are your vehicle is way overdue. Change the oil now, or pay a huge price later.

 Depending on your make and model this can range from $50 to $120 including parts and labour.

No they did not. You need to change your oil filter every time you change your oil. It doesn’t make any sense to keep a dirty oil filter in place after you’ve filled your engine with clean oil.

This could be a variety of things depending on the make and model, but in general if the car is operating normally you shouldn’t panic. You should, however, bring the vehicle into a service advisor ASAP. Frequently this has more to do with the electrical or digital information your car’s computer is collecting, indicating there may be a problem with fuel and air balance, powertrain issues, electrical systems and others.

This is likely caused by your alternator not doing its job of keeping power to all of the electrical components in your car. This happens when your alternator is faulty, or the alternator belt has broken or slipped. This issue will not go away on its own, and your car is going to strand you somewhere very soon.

This could be something as simple as changing the power steering fluid, but likely there is something else with the hydraulics – perhaps a leak. You don’t want to be driving when this totally gives out, as you’re likely to drive your vehicle through your neighbours living room. (Accidentally of course.)

The life of a car battery is longer than that, so there is something more likely wrong with your vehicle’s electrical system that needs to be investigated. This could be anything from the alternator to the fuse panel. It could also have something to do with how you use your car. Infrequent trips can cause inadvertent drainage of your car battery only because it has not had the opportunity to recharge from prolonged periods of powering your automatic alarm systems.

Okay. If you want it to be cold again, you’ll need to get it diagnosed. Likely your refrigerant needs to be recharged – that is normal. It could be worse though, such as the compressor has broken.