2010 honda idling issues

2010 Honda Civic has an idling problem.

In the shop this week was a 2019 Honda Civic Sport with standard transmission and about 95,000kms. The owner complained of a recent problem in that when he was idling at a red light, the rpms dipped rather low and the engine sounded like it was going to stall. The owner would have to rev

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2014 dodge caravan window regulator not working

2014 Dodge Caravan – repair window regulator.

This minivan was brought in because the power window passenger side was not working anymore. Apparently the window had recently been replaced due to a break-in, but for at least a week the owner was not sure if the power window had been used at all. Normally this is a straight-up window regulator replacement, or

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Ford Escape

2012 Ford Escape Air Conditioning Not Working

Today we had a 2012 Ford Escape in the shop for an air conditioning issue, basically is was not working. This was only discovered because of the warm spring weather recently, so there was no way to know when the issue started, except for the customer saying it was working last year. The 2008 to

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2010 Honda Accord Vrakes

2010 Honda Accord gets another disc brake repair.

This Honda Accord has been in the shop before to get some axle and brake work. Now with more than 525,000km it is still running but obviously needs new disc brakes. You can see the corrosion really building up on the outer edge of the disc and covering most of the centre hub. This build-up

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