From your car battery, to lighting, to fuses to fuel injection to your seat warmers – these are all based on your car’s electrical system. The way vehicles are designed today essentially requires that all of its components are in some way relying on the vehicle’s electricity – the battery, the wiring, fuses, and alternator. Every year, vehicles rely more and more on electricity as not only gadgets, but the actual driving of the vehicle is becoming more automated.

Unfortunately, most mechanics have limited experience when dealing with modern electrical automotive problems. With such inexperience, diagnosing and repairing your car will cost more because it simply takes longer. Many electrical issues have stumped even experienced mechanics. Seid and his team at Flame Auto specialize in Scarborough electrical automotive repairs, and can efficiently diagnose and repair the toughest electrical problems.

Batteries, alternators and fuses are frequently the culprits when it comes to electrical issues, but those can often be symptoms to more significant problems with your vehicle’s electrical system that could include circuits, wiring, fuse panels, and other digital devices. To properly fix your car, we will use tools like a logic probe, digital multimeter (DMM) and a digital volt-ohm-meter or DVOM. These are specialized tools for the automotive industry and can be used on a variety of makes and models as electricity is the same principle for any vehicle.

Automotive wiring is another common problem, and this can actually be an issue with new cars as well. The interaction between the wiring and hot (and/or) moving parts can cause problems over time that even manufacturers had not thought out properly. These situations tend to arise in more extreme weather climates – like Scarborough, for instance! Installing more protective conduits can help in those situations.

Virtually all cars have power windows now, and they operate using a variety of fuses, switches and controls as well as independent power window motors called permanent magnet electric motors that are protected by circuit breakers. In addition, there is a master power window control panel, which is entirely digital. With all of these gadgets and electricity, it’s easy to see how power windows can break down, especially in the car’s later years. We have worked on many models of power windows over the years and can give you a rather quick estimate if yours requires repair.

Another auto electrical concern is the changing, installation or addition of mobile electronic devices. Back in the day, even a rookie mechanic could change out a stereo and speakers rather quickly, as the devices were not connected to the car’s system in any way, except battery power. Now, most cars sound system are very much connected to the vehicle using multiple displays like on the steering wheel or dashboard. The stereo itself has morphed into a multi-purpose entertainment centre with AM, FM, CD and satellite radio all operating from the same device. This is not to mention your car alarm and rear view camera with monitor display. Once you start repairing these devices, there is a lot more that can go wrong very quickly.

For stereo, speaker and any audiovisual installation or repairs needed in your vehicle, Flame Auto is certified and ready to help.

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