This Honda Accord has been in the shop before to get some axle and brake work. Now with more than 525,000km it is still running but obviously needs new disc brakes. You can see the corrosion really building up on the outer edge of the disc and covering most of the centre hub. This build-up prevents the calipers from grabbing the disc brake – which is what stops your vehicle.

The result of this is slower brake times, screeching noises from the excess debris, and can sometimes also create a burning smell under the car. Car companies like Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen to name a few have a reputation for long lasting engines. That does not mean the brakes last any longer though. This car could have gone through 2 sets of brakes already, and if the mileage suggests this could be a delivery car, even more perhaps.

2010 honda accord disc brake replacement

You can see there is some surface area left, but these brakes have gone on too long without maintenance. Don’t let your disc brakes get this corroded before replacing them.

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